//Stellaris Managed MDT for Health and Care

Stellaris Managed MDT for Health and Care

Stellaris Managed MDT for Health and Care

Stellaris Managed MDT service

Our Stellaris Managed MDT service has been created to provide an easy transition from legacy N3 video services.

It provides the following key benefits:

Easy scheduling of MDT virtual meetings across all organisations

Stellaris MDT - Easy Scheduling

  • Our intuitive scheduling portal provides room availability for all organisations you need to schedule MDT meetings with. This can extend to those who may have chosen a different MDT provider.

  • MDT joining details can be added to individual or room Microsoft Outlook calendars, while rooms booked for the MDT are automatically called.

Fully Inclusive Concierge and Technical Support Service

  • We operate a fully manned concierge and technical support service. End users and MDT coordinators / navigators have a direct line to our team.

  • Our contact details are published within the room for immediate assistance with any issues. Any issues raised are fed back to local IT teams through Service Management.

Stellaris - Fully Inclusive Concierge and Technical Support Service

Proactive Monitoring of Video Conferencing Equipment

Stellaris - Proactive Monitoring of Video Conferencing Equipment

  • Video conferencing equipment is proactively monitored by our Network Operations Centre.

  • If something gets unplugged, we know about it. We will liaise with local teams to get the room up and running again before it becomes user affecting.

Wide Range of MDT Joining Options Supported for Video Meetings

All rooms added to our service are given their own calling identity. This means they can call almost any vendor’s video equipment, anywhere.

  • From an MDT room – rooms are automatically called into conference

  • From a software client installed on a user’s machine, such as Skype for Business (Microsoft Teams coming soon).

  • From a web browser on a user’s PC, smartphone or tablet device – this is particularly useful for inviting guests to a conference, or performing staff interviews, globally

Stellaris offers a Wide Range of MDT Joining Options Supported for Video Meetings

Extend Video Consultations to the Patient or Service User

Extend Video Consultations to the Patient or Service User with Refero

  • Video consultations may be extended to the patient using our Refero service as a secure, one-time only event.

  • This can be fully integrated with clinical systems for unified appointment booking.

Not all video and MDT solutions have been created the same.
Here’s how we are different:

Peace of Mind: Video meetings & conferences as a Service

We are specialists in health and care, and video. We understand the importance of MDT meetings and the challenges that video conferencing technology can place on the user experience.

We remove the headache of getting MDT meetings connected and the full reliance on local IT teams to troubleshoot issues when they arise. Our expertise extends to audio-visual too, where we can provide a full single point of contact for the entire MDT room.

A Unique, Predictable Licensing and Commercial Model

Software licensing procured to deliver your service is placed with your organisation as the license holder. Should you decide to insource your service or move to a different provider after your contract term, you are free to take your licenses with you; providing full investment protection.

Furthermore, there are no ‘hidden extras’ – our service is all inclusive. Our competitors charge for a base service, and extra for full HD conferencing, or interoperability with Microsoft for example.

Open Standards Technology

Our service utilises industry leading technology underpinned by Cisco. This allows us to deliver a service based upon open standards which works with almost any vendor’s technology. We do not rely on gateways or interfaces which often lead to a poor or unreliable service.

We operate our own network, which is connected to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), the Transition Network (N3) and the Internet, utilising Tier 2 carriers. Our service is wholly hosted in UK sovereign, Tier 3 data centres.

A Commitment to Continual Service Improvement

Our Customer Success practice ensures any opportunity for Continual Service Improvement is tracked and carried out. This includes on-going training of MDT users and coordinators / navigators as required. We will also commit to workshops to uncover opportunities for new ways of working and the introduction of new technology or practices on the horizon.

Ease of Procurement

Our service can be procured via G-Cloud. We provide flexible options on Capital and Operational investment.

Talk to our team

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