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Work better with Acano

The Acano Solution is a scalable software platform for voice, video and web content. With Acano, people can connect regardless of location, device or technology.

Founded in 2012, Acano developed an ambitious vision for the future of the collaboration industry, a vision which tackles the any-to-any video conferencing puzzle. Whilst people have a lot of choice on technologies used to collaborate, there’s not much integration between these disparate channels.

With Acano, users now have a truly innovative solution that enables all of these channels to interact seamlessly, regardless of device or operating system. In short – Acano makes it easier to collaborate with your team in one simple platform.

The breakdown

Acano joins video, audio, web and chat communication together for better workplace collaboration. Acano’s software solution provides audio and video conferencing, advanced interoperability, unique dual homed integration with Skype for Business and browser access on almost every device.

Audio & video, anywhere

Acano supports all major standards-based video systems while taking advantage of existing infrastructure. Cost-effective audio conferencing supports tens of thousands of concurrent calls, Integrated Voice Response (IVR) and a broad range of codecs.

Any device

Access Acano on unlimited devices, including smartphone, tablet, laptop, video system or Skype for Business client. Multiple devices can be used simultaneously, like when viewing shared content up close on a tablet while still seeing meeting participants on a video endpoint.


Multiple Acano servers can be deployed together, working as a single, scalable deployment. The total capacity of the solution scales with the number of deployed servers.


Acano uses “clean slate” technology and a secure development lifecycle. With FIPS and JITC certifications, Acano adheres to the most stringent of security models.

Acano Software

Acano software has two components: Acano Core and Acano Edge.

Acano Edge

  • Handles web services and WebRTC access.
  • Manages firewall traversal for call signalling and media. Provides ICE, TURN and STUN for secure NAT traversal.

Acano Core

  • Handles management, conferencing, messaging, presence and media.
  • Provides interoperability with external systems and infrastructure, including Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Polycom.

Acano Server

Seamless and automatic mixing of transcoding and switched/layered video provides an optimal experience for each user while efficiently utilizing available resources.

Scalable platform

Acano provides the elasticity to expand quickly without being constrained by the infrastructure. Easily scale capacity by adding more servers to the deployment. Additional scaling and resilience is provided by native clustering.

Content Sharing

For the entire desktop, documents and data, even when sharing from Skype for Business clients.

Unprecedented capacity

A call bridge on a single Acano server supports transcoding of more than:

  • 250 HD calls
  • 500 480p calls
  • 600 Skype for Business video calls
  • 1,500 web calls (audio and content)
  • 10,000 audio calls

Energy efficient

Built on an Intel X86 platform and,
at just 2U high, packs a lot of power. The server offers five times the performance‐per‐watt of other solutions.

Deployment Models

Acano’s software can be deployed on the platform that meets the needs of your organisation. The software‐based solution can be deployed on an optimised Acano server or on a standard server in a virtualised environment.

Acano virtualised

Acano Core and Edge software can also run in a virtualised environment on standard servers with VMware
or Hyper‐V hypervisors. The Acano virtualised solution provides flexibility and rapid deployment, with the same functionality as the Acano server.


The total capacity of the solutions scales with the number of deployed servers.


If a server fails or is removed, only the calls on those servers are affected. In the worst case scenario, those calls dial back and are placed on one of the remaining servers.


A single call or meeting can be split across multiple servers, with Acano instances automatically managing the network bandwidth. Participants are automatically placed on the nearest instance to their location, improving call quality.


Audio Conferencing from Acano

Audio Conferencing

Cost-effective audio conferencing with support for tens of thousands of concurrent calls, integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and a broad range of codecs.

Video conferencing from Acano

Video Conferencing

Support for all major standards-based video systems while taking advantage of existing infrastructure.

Browser Conferencing from Acano

Browser Conferencing

People can invite anyone to join a call, even participants who aren’t on Acano. By clicking on the invite link, participants enjoy full collaboration capabilities from their browser.

Skype for Business (Lync) integration from Acano

Skype for Business (Lync) integration

Our unique dual homed technology makes Acano the only platform that fully integrates standards-based video platforms with Skype for Business (Lync).

Team spaces from Acano

Team spaces

Team spaces are unlimited virtual meeting rooms that anyone can join. Give your employees the ability to organize their workflow around teams, projects and topics, with the people and tools they need.

Unified communications from Acano

Unified communications

With the ability to see their contacts’ status, remote teams know when team members are active and can start chatting or connect via video.

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