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Unified Communications & Collaboration Services


Our Unified Communications & Collaboration services leverage proven, validated designs to deliver highly available, feature rich unified communications and collaboration services, providing a rich user experience regardless of the user device or location.

Our service is unique in that it provides for an on premises (enterprise), fully cloud, or hybrid cloud deployment model, where your business retains all rights to software license as opposed to a traditional cloud seat rental. We believe this approach offers the highest possible value for money and return on investment, while allowing flexibility to move to another cloud provider should you wish to do so.

For commercial and enterprise clients, the service is provided as a fully managed cloud service from UK Tier 3 certified data centres. For UK public sector, we partner with Skyscape Cloud Services to deliver a highly secure infrastructure on which to base services upon.

In order to fully understand your business objectives and produce an appropriate design to fully meet requirements, we offer a number of audit and reporting services and workshops to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation. This information, combined with detailed benefits analysis enables Cinos to provide the perfect solution to meet the business need.

Our services enable businesses to extend collaboration outside of their organisation. Facilitating inter-person and inter-company collaboration is crucial for businesses to stay relevant. Users expect immediate access to these tools from a wide variety of portable and mobile devices, with many of these same tools extended to customers and partners, helping strengthen these relationships.

“Users have adopted a wide variety of smart phones, social media, and collaboration applications in their personal lives and have begun to expect the same ease of use in their working lives.”

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Businesses recognise the added value that collaboration applications bring through increased employee productivity and enhanced customer relationships. Users have adopted a wide variety of smart phones, social media, and collaboration applications in their personal lives and have begun to expect the same ease of use in their working lives.

As organisations rely more heavily on critical business applications and services, the need for an always-available collaboration service becomes crucial. Our services have been designed with a number of availability target and SLA options to suit your business. Business continuity capability is taken further through providing a blend of traditional ISDN services with IP-based SIP, allowing for greater flexibility in the delivery of inbound and outbound calls, while ensuring critical inbound calls are delivered in any eventuality. For areas of the business where call services are critical, our services are able to fall back to self survivable service ensuring calls are available at all times.

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