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Our Enterprise Networking & Security services leverage proven, validated designs to deliver highly available, high capacity, secure campus and branch wired and wireless networks.

As organisations rely more heavily on critical business applications and services, the need for an always-available network infrastructure becomes crucial. Regardless of whether your business utilises on premises applications, cloud services or most commonly a mix of both, a common factor always remains – the network.

Industry trends such as the consumerisation of IT and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) have made users consider use of a multitude of devices and where they choose to work, adding significant pressure on IT teams to facilitate the trend. These user-centric needs can only be met by a flexible, secure infrastructure, which understands the user requirements from the level of access they need, to the device they are attempting to access services from.

The next generation of trend focuses on guest wireless access. It is becoming more of an expectation that guest access services be available as opposed to a nice to have. To accommodate this, the network needs again to understand these users and what they are allowed to do, while the organisation has to comply with legal requirements to provide guest services. As this expectation grows, such provision becomes more complex and of higher risk.

Boasting a ‘five nines’ availability target, ubiquitous access and multiple layers of security and compliance, our future proof infrastructure services fully meet these requirements and more, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable user experience, fewer IT headaches and higher productivity all round.

In order to fully understand your business objectives and produce an appropriate design to fully meet requirements, we offer a number of audit and reporting services to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state. This information, combined with detailed benefits analysis enables Cinos to provide the perfect solution to meet the business need.

Our ability to provide 24×7 monitoring, critical event alerting and action, moves, adds and changes, coupled with a range of financing options makes our service a true network as a service offering.

“Providing a seamless user experience for application and service access regardless of the user device or location.”

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